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  • Only $6,594 from being fully funded! Support Wondering Around Wandering on Kickstarter in the next 23 hours to receive some great rewards and help get a creative space in NYC up and running.

    "WAW will be a 3 month free community exhibition and event space where I [Mike Perry] will be conducting workshops, screenings, gatherings, open discussions, and much more. The space will be a living / evolving environment where visitors will be able to freely explore and create their own unique experience."

    TINY EARTHQUAKES explores a young woman’s grief a decade after the mysterious disappearance of her younger brother as a child. 

    Traveling back and forth in time through a stream-of-consciousness narrative, we become intertwined in her past, present, and dream-like states as we delve headfirst into the slippery, episodic, contradictory, strange, tender and difficult nature of coming to terms with the loss of a loved one.”

    Sounds fascinating doesn’t it? I’m curious to see how Nathania Gilson (writer/director) and her crew execute a stream-of-consciousness in slippery episodes without losing the audience and still articulating thoughts clearly. The subject is definitely full of possibilities regarding playing with the mind and feelings and if the poster is anything to go by, I’m sure the movie will look really good too.

    However, in order for all this to become a real final product, this movie needs support, which you can do on their Pozible page linked above.